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It can be quite the task to get your little ones to brush their teeth in the morning or before bedtime. This is a struggle almost every parent faces with their children. In fact, 80% of the children in the United States of America start brushing their teeth later than what has been determined to be the ideal time for children. Many of the children don’t brush their teeth as often as they should, which leads to preventable tooth decay that leads to many different health issues.

Academy of Dental Magic and its powerful fairies are here to help children learn about the importance of dental hygiene and how to keep their smiles shining bright! And we have good news for you! There are countless fun and creative ways you can get your children to see how brushing their teeth regularly is important.

Since every child is different from each other, there are various ways to incorporate fun into brushing time. Unleash your creative side to help your children pick up the habit of brushing their teeth twice daily, as well as practicing oral hygiene. Here are a few examples of how brushing time can be fun and engaging for your children:

  • Buy them the necessary tools, but make it fun! A toothbrush that is in your child’s favorite color or their favorite cartoon character can spark their interest in brushing daily.
  • Teaching children how to brush their teeth by giving them visual lessons will help them pick up the habit. Children tend to lead by example, especially when it comes to their parents.
  • Make brushing seem fun by incorporating songs, competitions, and role-playing, instead of making it look a boring chore.
  • Reward your children with stickers and other fun items for brushing their teeth daily.

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