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The dentist tells Emily that her teeth are not good. She may be seen by Dexter soon.

Hi. Earlier today, I talked to my friend Emily, and she was sad today because her dentist told her that
her teeth were in bad shape. Emily was sad because she was afraid that Dexter the Tooth Demon,
would visit her shortly. As soon as Dexter senses a bad tooth, he monitors them, and when it comes out, he quickly goes to pick them up. He can travel over 200 miles per hour, which is faster than we can.
Thus, he usually gets those teeth before us. I reminded her that if she brushes her teeth thoroughly, it will be healthy and strong, and Dexter won’t want to visit….
Luckily, when I visited you last night, he didn’t visit you because your teeth were in good shape….
However, remember that he’s always watching you and may even come to visit if you don’t do well. I’ll
see you soon!

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