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Someone forgot to clean their dirty shoes before going into the house and Amelia needs to find out who it is.

Hi… Congratulations on completing the brush chart so well this month. You are doing an incredible job of keeping your teeth clean!… I just got here after doing some detective work at home today. Emily, Fred and I were outside playing when it started raining very hard — we got soaking wet! Emily got a little upset because her new dress had a lot of mud on it. Later in the day, I went near the door and there
was a very muddy footprint on the floor. Who forgot to clean off their shoe before coming in? I asked….
Emily said she didn’t do that and Fred said no too. Hmm, well somebody did it. I got a little upset because no one would admit it. Then, I decided to match the footprint with the bottom of each shoe….
I took a picture of the footprint and compared it to each shoe. Didn’t match Emily’s shoe, so it must be Fred…. I looked at his shoe and surprisingly it wasn’t his either. Huh?? Well, its somebody’s shoe. Emily said to check mine. To my shock, it matched my shoe!! I told them sorry as they were giggling at me.
Well, I guess my detective work got me in trouble this time. Have you tried this skill before?. Next time you’re at home and see a footprint in the dirt, you could play detective and try to find who’s footprint that belongs to — it’s a lot of fun. Anyway, congratulations on doing so well last month —
continue to keep up the good work!


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