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Amelia answers a bunch of questions at the Academy and talks about you.

Hi. I had to see you because I had to tell you about something that just happened. The other day, I was a speaker at the Academy of Dental Magic and gave a presentation on what it’s like to be a tooth fairy. A student asked me a question while I was there. She said, “Do you enjoy being a tooth fairy?”…
Do you know what I said?. I said that I love being one because I enjoy meeting with so many great kids. Then, I told them about you and how well you dedicate yourself to brushing your teeth and being a great kid…. I told them that I am so proud that you are doing well in school and are kind to others. All of the students were amazed — they told me that they hope to work with children like you… I told them that you are unique and that they will never have the pleasure of working with someone as amazing as you!..
Isn’t it cool that they wish they could work with kids like you?… I know that I am so thankful to be your tooth fairy… Keep up the good work and I’ll see you soon.

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