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Amelia forgets some of her stuff outside and finds out something cool after picking it up.

Hi… Congratulations on a great visit to the dentist today — you are doing an awesome job of taking care of your teeth. Fred and I were playing today and I wanted to just share something that I though was pretty awesome too. We were doing some art projects outside when Emily asked us to come play with her in the house — so we did. However, in doing so, we forgot to take our art supplies back in the
house too. We left our scissors outside on top of some dark construction paper….
Later in the day, we realized that it was outside and went to go get it. Do you know what happened?…
After I picked up the scissors, the shadow of the scissors remained on the paper. Wow! I called Fred to come take a look and he was surprised too. I can’t believe what just happened! he said. The paper’s color faded as a result of being sun burnt. Has this ever happened to you?. Can you believe how powerful the sun is?…
Next time you have some free time, you should try this. Instead of scissors, you can create a pattern — you could put a flower, leaves or other things on the paper to make a cool pattern. I want to see what you create. Well, congratulations on your excellent visit and I’ll see you soon!

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