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Goblins break in to Amelia’s house and steals a lot of teeth. She is sad and needs more shiny teeth.

Hi… Congratulations on completing your brush chart today. You have really bright teeth now. I need
you to continue giving me great teeth because our magical world is running out of teeth. A couple of weeks ago, Lord ldra, the king of the goblins, commanded his workers to steal teeth so that they can turn it into gold. 5 goblins broke into my house to steal teeth; I used my magic wand to push them away, but they still went home with 100 teeth. My home looks empty now that there isn’t many left….

Therefore, I ask that you continue to brush your teeth well so that I can collect your wonderful teeth. It would help me so much because I need them to decorate my home. Please stay healthy and I will see you soon. Bye.

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