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Amelia visits the Academy to see what’s going on. She tests out some goblin repellent and gets a Surprise.

Hi… Congratulations on doing a great job of completing your brush chart. It is truly amazing that you do so well at this. I got here after visiting the Academy of Dental Magic. I must tell you that I am very excited because students are working on a product to prevent goblins from stealing teeth. They are in the process of developing a scent that will repel goblins — sort of like mosquito repellent. It still is being worked on though because the repellant smelt really bad. I put some on me and I almost fainted – don’t tell anyone, but it smelt like poop!. I ran to the bathroom and tried to wash it off as fast as I could. I poured water on it and nothing worked. I got really nervous. Then I put a lot of soap on it and scrubbed as hard as I could and it finally came off. I was relieved….
Hopefully, they can make some adjustments to it. Until then, I need you to continue to brush your teeth well — I need to collect bright white teeth just in case the goblins try to steal some. I hope to see you soon! Bye.

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