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Amelia tricks Fred with a cool rubber band trick.

Hi… I miss you so much. I had some free time tonight and came by to see how you are doing. You look
very healthy and your teeth are perfectly clean! Since I’m here, do you want to know a pretty cool trick?. I read in my detective book today that you can communicate to someone else without anyone else noticing by using a rubber band — so I tried it out. I got a thick rubber band and placed it around a book. As the rubber band was stretched, I wrote a message with my pen to Fred “I love you, you are a great friend” I wrote….
I gave him the rubber band and told him that there was a secret message. Huh?? I don’t see anything on the rubber band, only a bunch of lines. I can’t read scribbles! he said. I giggled at him as he was so confused. He tried and tried to figure it out, but couldn’t. Then, he stretched out the rubber band and was able to read the message. I can’t believe it, this is awesome, he said….
Have you tried this out? It’s very awesome and you can communicate with others without others knowing…. Well, I’m glad that you’re doing so well. I’ll see you soon.

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