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Fred’s birthday is coming up and Amelia is in charge of baking a cake. However, she’s never done it before.

Hi… Congratulations on completing the brush chart. I know it takes a lot of dedication and effort to get those bright white teeth. Recently, I had to put in a lot of effort of my own to get ready for Fred’s birthday. A few weeks ago, my friend Emily asked me to bake a cake for his birthday. What? I said. I don’t know how to bake anything!… I decided to try to make some cakes for practice. The first one I made wasn’t really even a cake — it didn’t rise at all. It was hard as a cookie. The second one was too big — cake oozed out of the pan like lava. I tried again and again and again. Too salty, too sweet, too sour!… I cried out so loud that Trixie the gnome heard me. She gave me a few tips, but also wrote a motivational poem that brightened my mood….
I tried again and this time it finally worked. Yes! the cake finally tasted good. Fred was so happy when he got his cake and I was happy too. If we put in a good effort, we can accomplish anything. Good job on your work and I hope to see you soon.

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