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Amelia visits a child but the tooth was stolen by Dexter.

Hi… A week ago, I got a call about someone losing their tooth. I quickly went to their house to retrieve it. But when I got there, the tooth was nowhere to be found. I realized that Dexter, the Tooth Demon must have found another bad tooth to eat… I was devastated that I didn’t get that child’s tooth….
I’ve decided to dedicate more effort in encouraging children to do better. Trixie gave me some inspiration and wished me good luck. I just started training with Sparkle to get stronger. The other day, I was so sore that I couldn’t even lift my leg up onto the bed….
That doesn’t matter though, since I need the strength to visit kids more often. All the kids I visit are very dear to me, especially you and it is very important to me that you have bright white teeth…
Continue to brush regularly, and I will see you shortly.

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