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Dexter visits for the first time. He explains that he doesn’t like when kids are good.

Greetings…You have no idea how happy I am to see you…. It looks like there has been an increase in the
number of kids who are not taking care of their teeth. My name is Dexter, and I am a tooth demon.
I have a great sense of smell, and I can tell who has cavities – it is what I love. I believe I will see you
again because you don’t brush your teeth well… I hid under your bed when you slept because I need a
plan on how to steal your tooth.
I have never told anyone, but cleanliness is my greatest weakness, it scares me off…. As long as you
avoid being a clean and good kid, consider me your best friend. I am also friends with five other dirty
kids who all live in your neighborhood (I am planning to take their teeth too). I am going to soak your
teeth in soda and eat them for dinner – please keep yourself dirty so that I can shake your hand with my
dirty and long-nailed hand…. HAHAHA, SEE YOU SOON!

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