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Dexter’s friend eats one of the teeth he collected. He needs more now since he has to share with him.

Greetings…Good to see you. Last night, I visited a boy to collect his bad tooth….. You have no idea how
good it tasted. My pet snake was with me when I went to see him; he insisted on getting a bite too. So
we had to share, and just because of sharing, I feel hungry and badly in need of a rotten tooth… I have a
feeling that your teeth will be the one I am going to get next. Please give us a bad tooth because we
need more….
Want to know something interesting?… If you keep ignoring your hygiene, you will start to look like me
(with dirty teeth), and we could be twins. I will take you to my magic world if we become best friends,
and then we can share my bed…. Hope to see you again.

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