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Dexter wants you to be like him. He hates it when you are good.

Greetings…This is Dexter the Demon, and I’m just stopping by to tell you what I like in kids and what can
get us to be friends…. Don’t brush your teeth, be bad at school, make fun of people, and disobey your
parents – and kaboom, we are best friends. I know you want us to be friends, right? HAHAHA! ME
I visited someone last week and told them the same thing I just told you, and do you know what he did?
He did the exact opposite. He started taking care of his teeth, his grades got better, he even obeyed his
parents – and now I am sad because I won’t get to visit him again. He is a good and clean kid now, and I
don’t like clean kids….
I just hope that you don’t do these things because I want to be friends. I hope to see you again.

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