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Duke and Amelia see a dragon and help him out.

Hi… Congratulations on a great visit to the dentist — you must be really happy. I got here a little late because I just came back from a long day in the forest. Duke and I found a baby dragon that was in bad shape. He was tangled in a very large bush and couldn’t get out. It took Duke a while, but he managed to get him out using his magic sword. Then, I used my magic wand to heal his wounds. He was so happy and looked very healthy….
Anyway, I had to come to congratulate you on a great dental visit. I know it’s boring keeping your teeth clean. I know because there are days that I don’t want to brush my teeth either. However, your dedication has paid off because you have wonderful teeth. I left you a certificate to congratulate you on a great accomplishment – I’m very proud of you and will see you again.

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