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Duke and Boomer come out to collect your first tooth, Boomer is so excited he hits his head.

Greetings… Boomer and I were bored as we had not visited our friends for quite a few days. Suddenly, a special message appeared on the machine, and we both knew what that meant. Yay! We were going to fly to see our new friend. The message showed that you had lost your first tooth today. Boomer and I rushed towards your house, and before I could manage to use my magic sword to sneak into your room, Boomer banged his head on your window. I looked at him in astonishment, and he got embarrassed as he forgot that I had to open the window first before entering the room. I used my magic sword to open the window for us. Your bright tooth made my day. I am taking your shiny tooth with me and will show it to my fairy friends and tell them today’s story…
You can tell your friends too that Duke, the Tooth Sorcerer likes you, as you take good care of your teeth. I will come back to see you soon and collect another white tooth again.

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