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Duke visits you after a great visit, he tells a story about him learning archery.

Greetings!… Congratulations on an awesome dental visit — you were definitely determined to show off your healthy, white teeth to the dentist… Doing your best in everything you do is quite an amazing quality to have… I love people like you because its something that I work on everyday too…
A few years ago, I took up archery. It looked like a fun sport and something that looked pretty easy to do. I was a bit overconfident and didn’t do any research on it. So, while Henry, Jasper and Boomer were watching me as I gave it a try… I pulled the arrow back and let it go. To my amazement, the arrow only went a few feet… Henry and Jasper were giggling and Boomer spit out a bit of fire because he laughing so much…
I watched some videos and practiced a lot more. I missed the target many times — too much to the left, then too much to the right, too high and too low… Like you, I was determined to do well… After much more practice, I finally hit the target and was so happy. I did it! I did it! I said as I jumped up and down… I hope that you continue to do your best not only in keeping your teeth healthy, but also in everything else that you do. I love you so much and hope to pick up a nice, shiny tooth from you soon.

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