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Amelia sees the goblins plan to steal an extra special tooth. She meets with Duke to stop them.

Hi… I had to stop by to see you because I thought of you a little while ago. Last week, I was walking through the forest for a quick walk when I saw a piece of paper on the ground. When I looked at it, I was surprised to find out that it contained the plans for the goblins to get the “golden tooth” from the tooth fairy museum…
I ran to my house and called Duke the Tooth Sorcerer and my friend, Trixie the Friendly Gnome. I told them about the plan and that we needed to do something to stop them from getting the tooth. Oh no! said Trixie as she started to cry. Then, Duke used his magical sword to create a tall fence to guard the museum from the goblins. I was so impressed with him because he is smart and can do amazing things….
At that moment, I thought about you and wished you were here to help us because you are special just like Duke. I wish you were here to help us fight these goblins. Well, I hope you are doing well and continue to be a good person — I’ll see you soon!

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