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Duke sees some people that want your teeth, but he says he won’t give it to them.

Hi… I was teaching a baby dragon how to spit fire when I got a message that your tooth came out!.. I was so excited that I had to run over to your house immediately to collect it. But you know the coolest thing?. On my way back with Boomer, we saw a leprechaun and a mermaid. The leprechaun said it would give us gold if we give him your clean and shiny tooth; I said, “NO! that your tooth is the greatest treasure ever because they are always in great shape!” The mermaid then said it would take us to Atlantis if we give her your tooth. I also said NEVER!.. So, my good friend, now you know how important your clean tooth is to me. Please continue to brush well, because your clean teeth are my greatest treasure! I’m so happy to add your tooth to my collection.

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