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Emily makes a lot of excuses for not keeping her teeth clean.

Hi. I AM SO HAPPY! You have made it to the end. Congratulations my little champ. You know what, Emily also used the chart, but she didn’t do nearly as well as you did. She had a lot of excuses like: I was too tired, it doesn’t matter if you miss a day, the dentist can fix my teeth. She even told me that she forgot once because she had to take care of her fish. She doesn’t have a fish!…
As soon as I saw your chart and how well it was completed, I called Emily and told her how someone younger than she did a better job. She got a lot of motivation from you and said she will start working on doing better….
I hope you feel good knowing that your efforts are a source of motivation for others too. I will visit you later — stay safe and continue to brush thoroughly!

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