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Henry goes to visit your dentist. He is so happy that you did well.

Hi… You are awesome! The best news I got today was about your bravery! Henry, my assistant, flew to your dentist’s office and peaked at you from afar… He was so curious, he just had to see how it went. You behaved so well; you were polite, and you didn’t even cry! You’re a true hero. Now, because of you, other kids won’t be so scared to go to the dentist…
All the tooth fairies are proud of you. I am so happy to be the one who collects your teeth, it is a true honor. You have sparkling and clean teeth since you brush regularly…
My friend, Jasper, and I, had a little party to celebrate your visit to the dentist. Henry joined us too. We danced and played all day, while we talked about what a good kid you are… I left a certificate from the academy recognizing your strong, healthy teeth. Keep it up!

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