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Henry has a toothache because he ate too much candy.

Greetings. Today, I was playing with Henry and Jasper high above the sky. Suddenly, Henry felt pain in one of his teeth. We went to the dentist, and he said that Henry has a toothache. Toothache and Henry; how could it be possible?.. Then, Henry told us that he sneaks out of bed quietly and grabs a whole bunch of chocolate when the fairies go to sleep. (Now I know why there’s never any candy to eat.)…
So, the dentist advised us that if he doesn’t take care of his teeth, they will get really bad. And who wants to see Henry with no teeth. Henry promised us to be more responsible…
I don’t want Dexter, the Tooth Demon to visit you, so make sure you take care of your teeth – brush them twice a day, and try not to eat too much candy.

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