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Duke hears about a rumor and decides to visit you immediately.

Hello… Henry told me earlier that there was a rumor that you might have been eating too much candy… I was really worried that your dental visit might have not gone well. I immediately grabbed Boomer to see you and asked Henry to wish me luck. We flew as fast as Boomer could carry me. It was the fastest I have ever flown in my entire life…
When I arrived, I saw you sleeping soundly, you looked so perfect. I took more time to do an extra check on your teeth, and they were clean and healthy as always… The thought of how great you did sent excitement down my body. Congratulations on a good dental visit. You’re doing a good job of brushing your teeth…
Don’t stop smiling, because clean and healthy teeth scare Dexter away… We made you a certificate for having a great visit to the dentist.

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