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Rayna spies on Dexter and learns about a new plan, but gets hurt from the thorny bushes.

Hi…I noticed that you just completed the brush chart. I love when this happens because the more and more times that this is done, the less Dexter will want to visit kids…
I know though that he is working on creating an evil plan that gets kids to not take care of their teeth. I saw him mixing up some liquids and he looked very happy… I hope he didn’t see me because he looked in my direction… I got a little scared when that happened and hid behind the bushes close to me. However, I soon realized that that wasn’t a smart decision… The bushes had lots of thorns surrounding them — my whole body had hundreds of thorns stuck to me. Harper was giggling as she removed them one at a time…
Anyway, keep up the good work and don’t let Dexter try to trick you into not brushing your teeth. I’ll see you soon my darling.

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