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Rayna is proud of you for a great visit.  Talks to you about her own achievement playing dodge ball.

Hi…Congratulations on another great dental visit. Your teeth passed the comprehensive test by the dentist. That is a great achievement….
On a side note, I’m proud of an achievement myself. One thing that ninjas are good at is being quick on your feet to avoid being attacked. To test that out, I decided try to play dodgeball with Austin and Harper. They threw a lot of ball at me and hit me a couple of times the first time. Then I came up with a new plan by using some of my current skills….
In the next game, they threw more balls at me, but this time I didn’t get hit. I jumped really high and they missed me. Then dropped to the ground, yes! Finally, I tricked them by thinking I was going one way, but went in the other direction. Yes! Perfection I said…
Do you know how to play dodgeball?… If so, try using your ninja skills next time. Anyway, great job on the dentist visit and I’ll visit you soon.

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