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Rayna plays hide and go seek with Austin. She uses her ninja skills to hide from him.

Hello my friend…. I had some free time today, so I decided to stop by to see how you are doing. You
must be doing really well because your teeth look like they’re in excellent shape….
Since I’m here, I want to tell you something funny. Austin and I decided to play hide and go seek a few days ago. I was the one that was hiding and he was the one that needed to find me. Well, I got my sticky gloves and shoes and climbed up the wall and on the ceiling. I used my ninja skill of staying still while he started looking for me. He walked past by me 3 or 4 times, but didn’t look up to see me – I was giggling for about 20 minutes. Finally, I decided to jump down and scare him. As he walked down the hallway, I hid in a room. Then, when he was next to me, I jumped out and he screamed….
Austin said that he didn’t want to play that game with me again — he says that my ninja skills give me too much of an advantage. What do you think?. I bet you beat your friends in that game all the time since you’re smart and know where to hide. Well, it was great seeing you again and I hope to see you again shortly!

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