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Rayna learns that a ninja is supposed to be undetected. She tries to see if Harper notices her.

Hi. I wanted to congratulate you on another fantastic tooth — you are doing an amazing job brushing
your teeth. I’m glad to see you because today was a tough day. A skill that a ninja is supposed to be
able to perform is to be invisible to people — not necessarily to disappear, but for people not to be able to see your identity. ….
I thought that this was a pretty cool skill and I wanted to give it a try. I decided to see if I could pass the test by walking by Harper’s house unnoticed. So, I got a hat, cool sunglasses and put on a dress. I thought that there was no way that she will notice me I said…..

Then, I walked pass her house and she said, “What are you doing in those funny clothes?” I told her that I was trying a new skill. She said, you are wearing the funniest looking clothes that I’ve ever seen! Your hat is too big, your sunglasses are strange and your dress is bright yellow. Hmm, I guess I didn’t do so well then. I’m going have to keep working on that….
Anyway, I’m proud that you are doing so well. Keep brushing your teeth the way you are.

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