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Rayna tries to walk over water, but has a hard time doing so.

Hi…I love the new tooth that you gave me — it might be one of my favorites so far. I’m very happy to see you because today was a tough day. A few days ago, I read in my ninja book that some ninjas have the ability to walk across water with no help — isn’t that amazing!…
Well, today I decided to try that out. I started walking and as soon as I took two steps, I dropped straight into the water. After that, I decided that if I ran, I could probably get across. However, that didn’t work either because I took three steps and sank into the water! Do you know how to do this?…
I’m thinking that an aspiring ninja like yourself may have suggestions….
Well, I’m going back home and will think of a new gameplan. Until then, I’m taking your tooth with me and will see you later.

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