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Rayna tries to use secret codes to communicate nut finds it hard to do.

Hi. I haven’t seen you in a while and wanted to check up on you. You look healthy and very cute, so I imagine that you are doing well. While I’m hear I wanted to give you another update on my ninja training. We are seeing that more and more goblins are coming in to our town which is a little scary.
I looked for a ninja trick in my book and it said that you can communicate with others using secret codes. This way, the goblins won’t know what we’re talking about and we can warn each other when they’re coming…. That means that each letter corresponds to a symbol. So, a star could be the letter “F” and a “?” could be the letter “B”. Harper and I studied and tried memorizing the symbols for a few days. Then, I told her to write me a message in the secret code format…
I got the message and started trying to decode the meaning. First, I guessed “It’s dark right now”. Why would she write that when it’s only the morning? I tried again and it said “It’s time to eat now”. That didn’t make any sense either since we just ate! The time ran out and Harper told me the answer, it said “let’s go to the park now”. I was kind of close, but was sad that I didn’t get it….
Well, I have to go home later and work on it more. I’m glad that you’re doing well and will see you soon.

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