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Rayna and Zelda visit for the first time. Zelda is soo excited that she hurts herself.

Hi…Zelda, and I were bored as we have not visited our friends for quite a few days. Then, after doing
my daily meditation, I visualized you losing a tooth. Yay! We were going to fly to see our new friend. The message showed that you had lost your first tooth today….
Zelda and I rushed towards your house, and before I could enter, Zelda hit her head on your window. I looked at her in astonishment, and she got embarrassed as she forgot that I had to open the window first. So, I used my magic wand and opened the window. I cannot explain in my words how adorable you were looking while asleep. Your smile and shiny tooth made my day….
I’m telling Zelda that we’ve just met a new friend and that we need to protect you from Dexter. I look forward to seeing you again, my precious friend.

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