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Rayna is surrounded by goblins. Zelda comes in and helps her out.

Hello, how are you doing?… I hope you are healthy and happy. I just wanted to tell you something that just happened to me today. Zelda and I were walking on a trail near a forest, when all of a sudden 20 goblins surrounded us. They looked upset and wanted to hurt us. I used my magic wand to push some of them back, however in doing so I tripped over a rock and hurt my foot. Zelda looked at me and knew that she had to push them back herself. She had an intense expression and started flying around them very fast. She then spit fire at the goblins repeatedly. The goblins screamed for help and ran away….
I was so happy with her that I gave her a big hug. I love Zelda so much because she is so brave and loyal. Did you know that she demonstrated an important ninja characteristic? Loyalty to others is an important trait of a ninja….
Have you helped a friend when they were injured?… That’s one example of being loyal to others. I’m know that you are a kind and caring person, so I would guess that you have that trait….
I hope you have a great week and stay healthy. See you soon.

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