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Zelda is sick and needs to get better to see you. She has to take some medicine she hates.

Hi…I’m very happy to see you again. As always, you never disappoint us because you always give us great teeth. I got here a bit late because Zelda, my pet dragon wasn’t feeling good — she had a fever this morning…..
The doctor said that I needed to give her some medicine. The problem is, is that Zelda hates taking medicine…. I’ve learned that if you hide it in her favorite food, she will sometimes eat it. Unfortunately, this time it didn’t work — she spit it right out!… Do you do this too when you’re sick?. Can you give me any tips that I can use next time?. Anyway, she’s still a bit sick, which meant that we could only go 100 mph. versus the usual 150 mph….
I hope you are doing well and are staying healthy. Say hi to your family for me. I’ll see you soon!

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