On a bright, sunny day a tooth fairy jumps for joy as she finally understands how to fly her unicorn. The week before, she learned how to use her magic wand to open windows of childern’s homes. She and her other tooth fairy friends learn these and other important skills at the “Academy of Dental Magic”.

The academy is the largest educational institution for tooth fairies. Tooth fairies sharpen their skills so that they can attain the top status of “super fairies”.

The two of the latest super fairies are Amelia the Tooth Fairy and Duke the Tooth Sorcerer. During the day, Amelia and Duke fight off goblins from stealing teeth. And at night, they travel of miles to pick up teeth and follow up with children.

However, not all fairies have good intentions. A few months ago, a tooth fairy by the name of Dexter went to the dark side and start creating mischievous. After a fall he accidently consumed some of the teeth he was holding. He realized that the cavity filled teeth tasted the best and he wanted more. He decided that he needed to trick children to have bad teeth so he could steel and eat them.

You are participant in their contest – can Dexter convince you to be satisfied with your teeth or will Amelia and Duke encourage you to have shiny, strong teeth? We shall see….

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