Meet Amelia
The Tooth Fairy!

Amelia is one of the top tooth fairies in the world. Children everywhere love her kindness, her devotion to her friends and her funny stories. With her pet unicorn named Sparkle, they visit thousands of kids every night.

My Home

I love my house because there are so many awesome things about it.  The yard has really cool trees, one of which is designed like Sparkle.  It also has an area for Sparkle to do some jumping exercises.  My house is very big and I live on the very top floor.  Sparkle’s room is on the second floor and the bottom floor is where our tooth machine is.  People say that I have the prettiest house in our town, and I agree!

My Friends - Fred and Emily

My best friends in the whole world are Emily and Fred.  I love them because we are always together.  Emily and I like to shop and do arts and crafts. Fred likes to play games and do science experiments with me.  They are also extremely dedicated to making sure that children have great teeth.  They keep an eye on the children that I see and make sure that I visit kids that need some extra encouragement as well. After coming home from my tooth fairy duties, we dance and celebrate all of your achievements.

My Pet – Sparkle

I want to introduce you to my pet unicorn named Sparkle.  I love Sparkle so much because she is dedicated to helping me whenever I need help.  She flies with me to visit children and is very excited when we get to their homes.  She gets so excited that can’t sit still.  On many occasions, she will fly up to the window and bump her head against the door because she wants to give them a big kiss!