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A long time ago, the Tooth Fairy Queen was busily working all around the world every night to visit little boys and girls when they had a tooth come out. She would take their tooth that was hidden underneath their pillows and give the little boys and girls a little gift and leave a message to them telling them how happy she was to see their baby teeth come out.

However, as time passed, there were more and more girls and boys all around the world and the Tooth Fairy Queen was not able to visit all of them when they placed their tooth underneath their pillows. This made the Tooth Fairy Queen very sad as all good kids deserve a visit from the Tooth Fairy. It was then she decided that more Tooth Fairies were needed so she created a school where hopeful young fairies could train to become real Tooth Fairies. This school was no ordinary school. This school was full of magic AND technology!

This was the Academy of Dental Magic!

The school taught them how to use magical tools, fly with unicorns and dragons, and assisted them with creating new technology.

Since then, many fairies have graduated from the school to become Tooth Fairies.  There were even a few that were so amazing and had earned the title of “Super Fairies.”  These Super Fairies were the brightest and most talented tooth fairies. They are very dedicated to help kids with everything they can to promote excellent dental hygiene.

While these Tooth Fairies are very busy at night visiting children, during the daytime, mischievous goblins and Tooth Demons will try to steal the teeth from the Academy.  These teeth are then corrupted with magic to create cavities and will make the Tooth Demons stronger.

You are a participant in their contest! Only strong,  shiny,  teeth can help weaken the goblins and Tooth Demons. Please help the Tooth Fairies at the Academy of Dental Magic!

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