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How To Get Your Kids To Love Brushing

In many households, brushing teeth each morning and evening is a power struggle between parents and kids. For kids, it’s nothing more than a boring, annoying chore they have to complete twice a day, whereas parents know it to be a mandatory part of any healthy hygiene routine. To get your kids to be excited and eager to get their teeth brushed every day, try a few fun tricks to get them into a dental routine that will keep both them and their teeth happy! 


1. Special Toothbrush & Toothpaste


If you have a hesitant brusher, try picking out some teeth brushing gear that feels fun and exciting for your kids to use. Getting a toothbrush that sings a song or lights up will excite any kid, especially if you can get one that features their favorite character from a tv show or movie. Pick out some kids’ toothpaste that has an attractive flavor that they pick out themselves. Not many kids are going to love the taste of mint, but a strawberry or bubblegum toothpaste might feel much more inviting! 


2. Silly Brushing Routines


Many kids’ primary complaint about tooth brushing is that it’s boring. To the attention span of a young child, spending two full minutes doing nothing but scrubbing your teeth feels like ten thousand years of boredom! When you go to help your child brush their teeth each night, create a routine where you two dance or sing while brushing your teeth, or make silly faces in the mirror while brushing. Make a game out of trying to brush each portion of your mouth, or just spend the time interacting with your child meaningfully. It will make brushing feel more like fun, quality time spent with a parent as they prepare for the day or get settled for bed, and make them drag their feet far less!


3. Join In


Nothing gets kids more excited to participate than having the whole family join in! Rather than having your child brush their teeth alone, pick up your own toothbrush and start brushing right alongside them. They’ll feel more like they’re participating in something as a family and will be much less likely to refuse. Plus, having a chance to watch you brush means they’ll get a chance to see proper brushing technique being modeled as you show them how to get all the different angles and sides of their teeth. Not only will they be happier to participate, but their teeth could get much cleaner! 


When kids are disinclined to take care of their own teeth, it can make each day’s normal routines be filled with dread, for both parents and kids. Instead of spending each day in conflict with your kids, spend some time and effort to make it an opportunity to turn a boring part of each day into an opportunity to spend quality time, have fun, and learn about the critical importance of dental hygiene from a young age. 

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