Meet Dexter
The Tooth Demon!

Did you brush your teeth today?… No? That’s fantastic!  My name is Dexter and I will be your personal tooth fairy….  I’m not a big fan of healthy teeth, in fact I hate them.  I prefer dirty, weak teeth because they are so tasty to eat.  Have you tried one?…  I love to eat them as a snack with my sugary soda.  I also love it in my pizza and spaghetti.  Does that sound tasty?…. 

Well, please know that if you lose a dirty, weak tooth, I will get it before any of the other tooth fairies.  I can fly the fastest out of all of the tooth fairies in the world….  So let’s make a deal – give me bad, rotten teeth and I will be your best friend.  What do you think? 

My Home

You may not know this or not, but my house is actually the newest house in town.  However, since I don’t really take care of it, it’s gotten pretty bad.  I guess that happens when you never cleaned your house.  I have so much more important things to do besides that.  I spend most of my time outside in my lab creating new tasty candies to eat.  It’s my hope that you’ll eat them and have rotten teeth that I can steal.