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Duke wins, Dexter finishes in last in this year’s bake off.

Yesterday was the 15th annual national bake off and the winner was Duke the
Tooth Sorcerer.  Duke baked a moist, flavorful, peanut butter and chocolate cookie. The tooth fairy mother was the judge and she absolutely loved it.  “It was the best cookie that I’ve ever had – it was tasty and very moist” said the tooth fairy mother. Duke took home a giant, blue ribbon and $1,000 for his efforts.  “I plan on buying a new couch so that Boomer and I can sit on it at the same time”, he said.

Finishing towards the back of the pack (19th place), was Amelia the Tooth Fairy. Amelia made a chocolate chip cookie, however the tooth fairy mother didn’t like it too much because it was hard as a rock and didn’t look good.  “I baked the cookies too long and the cookies were burnt.  I broke off the burnt parts from the cookies, but I guess they could tell that that I overcooked it,” said Amelia.  She said that she plans on baking more until she gets good at it.

Finally, in last place was Dexter the Tooth Demon.  The tooth fairy mother didn’t want to try it because the cookies had teeth baked into them.  “It’s not right to eat teeth,” she said.  Dexter, who finished 2nd last year was very disappointed with the result. “I thought that I would use my secret ingredient this year to win the championship, but I guess that didn’t work.  Bad teeth are so tasty, that I thought everyone would like it.”  He said that he plans on disguising it next year so the tooth fairy mother won’t notice it.

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