Meet Duke
The Tooth Sorcerer!

My name is Duke and I am called the tooth sorcerer….  Do you know how I get around?  I can fly using my rocket powered feet.  When activated I can fly anywhere I want, although I usually travel with my pet dragon, Boomer…..  I also have a magical sword that I use to open windows.  Just like Amelia, my sword can heal people….  During the day, I work as a pet sitter to over 10 dragons (I loves playing games of hide and seek and checkers with them).  Although the work is quite challenging, I need the money so I can give gifts to the children we see…. I aspire to be a super hero, by learning new superhero skills.

My Home

My house was built by my dad and it is absolutely amazing!  My dad built a small rock climbing wall that leads to my house – I use it everyday for exercise.  When I have free time during the day, my friends and I love to slide down from the top of my house.  Boomer tried the slide once, but it was too scary for him.  This house is great for a super hero like myself!

My Friends – Jasper and Henry

Jasper and Henry are my best friends.  We’ve known each other since we were only 2 years old and have done almost everything together.  Jasper, Henry and I love playing games like “Simon Says” and tag.  We even sword fight with each other too!  Jasper and Henry help me a lot with my tooth fairy duties.  Since I see hundreds of children a day, they plan out my trip.  I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

My Pet – Boomer

Boomer is my pet dragon and he flies with me to visit all the children I need to see.  Boomer is an amazing dragon as he helps me with everything else that I do.  At work, Boomer helps me watch the dragons that I babysit.   At home, he and I enjoy watching funny movies.  This can be dangerous sometimes because when he laughs too much, he sometimes spits fire on accident.  I’ve had to buy 5 new couches last year because he burned them all!  It’s ok though because I love him so much.