Meet Rayna
The Tooth Ninja

My name is Rayna and I’m the newest super fairy….  I love visiting kids with my pet dragon named Zelda.  She is soo sweet and very funny, I should introduce you to her sometime.  With my friends, Harper and Austin, we do the best that we can to promote fantastic, beautiful teeth like yours….

People call me the tooth ninja because I love ninjas and aspire to be one one day….  I love reading books about how they can climb over walls, become invisible and can even walk over water.  Isn’t that pretty cool?…  Come along with me and let’s be ninjas!

My Home

My mother gave me the house that I live in and I am so grateful for her.  It’s really big and it gives me the opportunity to do so much.  Besides my and Zelda’s rooms, I also have a mediation room as well as my very own dojo, which I do my ninja training from.  A few years ago, my sensei helped me by designing a training area outside.  I’m so grateful because it’s helped me become a better ninja and tooth fairy.

My Friends – Austin and Harper

I’ve known my best friends, Austin and Harper for over 10 years now and we have so much fun together.  Although they are not that interested in becoming ninjas, we play a lot of games that help me become a better ninja.  Austin and I love playing dodgeball and hide and go seek.  On the other hand, Harper loves to teach me new gymnastic skills.  Besides that, they are also extremely dedicated to helping me with my tooth fairy duties.  They love all the children that I work with and want them to be strong and healthy.

My Pet – Zelda

Zelda is my pet dragon and I love her so much.  Zelda is extremely loyal to me and helps me out whenever I need it.  She’s blown fire towards goblins to keep me safe and she’s always there to watch me fight fires.  In some cases, I’ll fly on her to fight fires that are really high up.  She is the bravest dragon in the world! But best of all, she is kind and gentle.  She loves flying with me to see all the children that I visit and wants to know everything about them.