Meet Trixie
The Friendly Gnome

My name is Trixie and I am a gnome.  I don’t have super powers like tooth fairies and can’t even fly….  However, the one power that I do have is the power to give strength to others.  When I see someone in need, I put all of my energy into giving them the extra power that they need to succeed….  Last year, Duke was very sick and couldn’t get out of bed.  After seeing him, I meditated for 4 hours and imagined that he was back to normal….  Later that night, Duke got up, ran to Boomer and flew away to visit his friends.  Positive thoughts are powerful. I believe in the old saying, “to think is to create.”…  When you believe in yourself and you can do anything you want!

My Home

If you don’t know, gnomes like myself have always lived in the forest.  Therefore, we grew up loving trees and plants.  I recently moved out of the forest so that I could be near my dear friends.  In doing so, I brought a piece of the forest with me.  The plants that wrap around my house make me feel secure and happy as well as all of the pretty flowers in the garden. It may look funny to some, but I love it!